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UnknownAll it took was one single question: “Have you ever thought or would you consider going to Church with me?” So started the journey to a fierce SPIRITUALITY for our guest VICKI BURBACH. One of the gifts of our time with Vicki was a number of good books on spirituality ranging from ‘beginner’ (A Map of Life by Frank Sheed) to more advanced (In Conversation With God series by Francis Fernandez)

I loved interviewing Vicki and she had such a story to share that has led to her conversion and later forming and moderating a (free) four year program for spiritual reading found at the wonderful site founded by Dan Burke:

Special thanks to our two distaff correspondents Marianna Bartholomew ( and Sonja Corbitt (

We always enjoy music segments on our show – a favorite is certainly when we can include a bit of sung music by Brian Flynn. Today, we included The Altar of the Lord from his album Born Again. You can find Brian’s music in lots of places – especially at his website

Lenten blessings from Deacon Tom and Dee!




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