Catholic Vitamin S Striving

Striving for Truth? Striving for Holiness? Author and speaker and filmmaker DON JOHNSON was certainly STRIVING. He grew up a ‘church planter.’ Know what that means? You go into an area and you ‘seed’ the beginning of a church where one didn’t exist. When it starts bearing fruit, you leave and go to another area and repeat the process. Don was raised in a Christ-loving, Christ-centered home and was an evangelical Protestant. Until he became filled with a striving for truth and beauty. And he found it in the Catholic Church.

His conversion to Catholicism led him away from the ‘pain’ of writing a book to the joy of filmmaking. And hence, the heart of our interview: the movies CONVINCED and UNPROTECTED. Strange it is to say, that a faith journey video (Convinced) unveiled how many people were distracted or hesitant about the Catholic Faith because of the Church’s stand on contraception. And that led to Unprotected.

If you haven’t seen either of these movies – we recommend them in the order they were made and released. Convinced was first in 2015. And Unprotected came out just as 2018 ended. Go to

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