Catholic Vitamin S Submission

Who would believe that a small rectangle… something the size of a bumper sticker on a car might help bring someone to go to Confession after 40 years? Who would believe that the encounter with a ‘rectangle’ could lead a husband who had never been baptized to enter the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil? A married couple practiced ‘Submission’ to the grace and inspiration of the Holy Spirit and what they were hearing on 98.9 Rim Catholic Radio in Payson, Arizona. And then what they (re-) learned about what it means to be/come Catholic.

Join us for this ‘story down the pew’ on this episode of the Catholic Vitamins Podcast. Meet Ken and Pat Davis — two folks who share a newly found excitement in the wonderful Catholic Faith.

We love stories like this… and Dee and I get a rare opportunity to co-lead the interview with Ken and Pat. A truly ‘warm’ experience on this Christmas episode of our 4440th episode of nourishing faith from (Vitamin) ‘A’ to ‘Z.’

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