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Michelle & GirlsI have a full family picture of Michelle, her husband and nine children. Alas, I’ve had trouble posting it, and in the interim, Michaelle gave me a cute picture of a couple of her daughters. If I get the full family picture in a way that allows me to update this, I’ll do so. Meanwhile:

Here are some email and late-arriving words from Michelle.

One of the concerns moms often feel is that they are unable to homeschool for various reasons. I remind them that if it is what God is calling them to do, that all they have to is say yes. Each moment we say yes to God’s will, we are equipped to do what God is calling us to do. I’ve found homeschooling and parenting a large family a refining process. So much of my selfishness and self-centeredness has been worn away. As I say yes, and just do what I’m called to do as a mother and teacher, I find a deeper sense of joy. It’s not to say that it’s easy or that I’m happy. But, I seem to be able to persevere.
One other thing I’ve found is that sometimes moms have unrealistic expectations of what homeschooling “should” look like. Having a homeschool support group, whether local or virtual, can help support moms in having a broader view of what homeschooling is. They find encouragement, support advice, a shoulder to cry on and a group to celebrate with.
I encourage families to find local support if possible, and virtual support. I’m happy to help families connect up locally or virtually. Feel free to email me at, and visit my site,
Thank you Michelle for your great support for the great gifts of parenting and children.
Thanks also to Billy Tarascio for a cut from her album SEND ME and the use of her song ON THIS ROCK.
And we also extend a prayer and thanks to our Canadian friend Deacon Chuck Stevens who freely shares his music with any and all who enjoy his guitar stylings on many of his personally authored songs.
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