Catholic Vitamin T Talent 2

Melissa MaricichUnknown is an apparent anomaly: a well-grounded, beautiful, TALENTed singer, actress and dancer. So what’s the anomaly?Melissa is in love with her Catholic Faith, and she intends to take this faith into the marketplace of show business. She was raised on a farm amidst 8 siblings and a home schooling environment. She joyously danced down the upstairs hall from the time she was 3 years of age. She began ballet training at age 5, and after years of doing that, she started training in ballroom dance. Her entire family has musical abilities including singing voices – and Melissa joined right in as she recognized her own talent. She did high school musicals and has taken some three years of voice training. Oh BTW: did we mention that everyone in the family ‘had’ to play piano? Well – you get the idea. Melissa was raised in a very special home environment which included the reality of living the faith. We thank Melissa for sharing her talent and journey with us on this Catholic Vitamins podcst. You can look at video and still images of Melissa on her website:¬†– and it was from this site that we borrowed some of her singing for this episode. May God bless Melissa and may she witness her faith to all she comes in contact with.Melissa Maricich

We played three songs by Melissa: the beautiful hymn Panis Angelicus (which means Bread of Angels), All I Ask of You and When Will I Tell You? (Two great Broadway show tunes).


Julian GillOn the show, we mentioned that back some 4.5 years ago, one of the first families to ever contact us were the Gill’s — they live down in the Phoenix valley. We were about 90 miles away, but we made arrangements to meet for a dinner. And we met their son Julian – a wonderful young man. Well, recently, Julian made his first confession and we wanted to congratulate Julian and ask your prayers for his journey to his first Holy Communion. ¬†Blessings Julian and thanks for coming to visit us when we all went to the dairy farm…. remember the goats?


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