Catholic Vitamin T: Talent

What a blessing to have as our guest, Gretchen Harris, UCMVA’s “Female Vocalist of the Year.” Gretchen is proudly Catholic, a wonderful singer/songwriter, and through her music, she expresses her love for God and Church. In spite of six CD’s loaded with TALENT, multiple World Youth Day appearances, and concerts everywhere, our time with Gretchen wasn’t so much an interview as it was like talking to a wonderful friend in the making. Join us. Catholic Vitamin T for TALENT.

Gretchen told us about a new album coming out in about a month. Her most recent addition to her string of CD’s is “SING to the LORD,” a CD full of beautiful songs sung TO God… gorgeous settings of well-known and deeply loved tunes that touch the soul and lift the heart, including “Prayer of St. Francis,” “You Are Near,” “Shepherd Me, O God,” and “Breathe.”

This album also features three very special duets, with Matt Maher, Robert Kochis, and Carl Herrgesell sharing their exquisite vocal talents with Gretchen. Many superb studio players from Nashville and L.A. provide excellent musicianship as support for this CD honoring Our Lord God!

Google Gretchen and download or order her music CD’s. Thank you Gretchen for your kind words and support for Catholic Vitamins.


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