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The TARGET? Finding the Truth. Knowing the Truth. Sharing the Truth. Recently, PATRICK MADRID spoke at the Phoenix IHR (Immaculate Heart Radio) ELEVATE Conference. We were able to record just a portion of his talk on knowing the ‘target’ of our faith-walk. It’s eternal salvation. The portion of the talk that we share on this episode contains the story of a priest who preached the Truth in a Sunday evening Mass. Patrick and most of the attendees couldn’t believe what they heard from the priest. Listen to Patrick’s talk about what happened as a result of the priest’s homily. God be praised for faithful priests.

We also feature a portion of the wonderful MASS CONVERSION story of Professor JOHN BERGSMAprofessor of Scripture studies at Franciscan University. From the back cover of this two CD conversion story: “What would lead a young man who grew up in a devout Protestant home, who earned two Masters degrees at a rigorous Calvinist seminary, and spent four years as an inner city pastor, suddenly convert to the Catholic Church? We tease with enough of the beginning of Bergsma’s journey that we hope you will buy this CD set and listen to it a couple times before sharing with family or friends.

You can find Patrick Madrid everywhere on the web. Here are just a couple places:,, On Twitter @PatrickMadrid.

You can find John Bergsma’s products on his website:  and at

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