Catholic Vitamin T Tasks

ef-600Tasks? Yes. Task 1. Meet EVERETT FRITZ. His preliminary bio sounds like he’s just about mentoring young people (and doing an awesome job at that). But he’s a youth leader, a successful speaker and now an author. Task 2. Listen to our interview about his new book FREEDOM: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation. Task 3: Begin to implement some of Everett’s worthy ideas for overcoming the struggles of the flesh that a surprising percentage of the population struggle with. Even… even youth ministers (story told during the interview)

Everett’s new book achieved recommendations and endorsements from Chris Staffanick, the Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver and noted chastity speaker Jason Everett. And now one final: Task 4: Buy Everett’s book from Ignatius Press (, through Lighthouse Catholic Media or your nearest Catholic book seller. Then make sure it’s in the home… left available in the room of every teen. And not a bad idea for parents to read this and discuss it as well.

A tough topic for Catholic Vitamins to tackle — but we are thankful for the interview and the chance to support the epidemic fight against God’s plan for all of us at any stage, at any age in life.

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