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In prayer, the Lord ‘spoke’ to ANDREA THOMAS and said He wanted her to leave all of her Nashville connections, contacts and her many successful singing and music performance experiences…. He wanted her to go to Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio to complete her education.

And so, Andrea, fresh from her leading role in the Veggietales Rocking Tour that took her to 50 cities and hundreds of performances… and fresh from her first solo album and a duet album with country music star, Collin Raye — Andrea (in obedience to THE TEACHER) – left it all and went to Franciscan where she earned a Masters in Theology and Business.

After years of helping to put together all the varied aspects of conferences and retreats at Franciscan University, Andrea became involved in something brand new. It’s called THE VIGIL PROJECT… an association of musicians and singers who take the joy of testimony, praise and worship and go to parishes around the country – mostly for the season of Lent. During ‘off-season’ work from the Vigil Project – Andrea is an entrepreneur as a Special Events Coordinator.

What an amazing early journey this has been for Andrea – and we were blessed to learn about it and about our common (Andrea and Deacon Tom) connections at Franciscan University. God speed Andrea.

You can contact her through this link: 

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