Catholic Vitamin T Teammate

DANIELLE ROSE is a singer and musician who truly makes this show a ‘best of the best of’ Catholic Vitamins. She is a joy and a faith TEAMMATE to walk the road to eternity with. And that’s what this episode of Catholic Vitamin T is all about – finding and selecting a Teammate or two to accompany you on your way to final judgment.

During the show, we talk with Danielle about her journey which, for a while, included entry into a convent. But after two years, she came to believe that God was calling her to the sacrament of marriage. Now well after our interview from our Best-Of Vault, Danielle is happily married and raising a daughter. We are so happy for her.

But listen to her songs: See You In The Eucharist, Psalm 139, the pro-life song You Are Not a Burden… Danielle offers a message for all of us. What a gift. Although her performances are restricted now so that she can be a wife and a mother, you can still order her albums and products by going to


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