Catholic Vitamin T Tenderness

Pope FrancisThis show relates to TENDERNESS. Take for example, the feeling one gets from hearing the amazing work of God which resulted in the founding and subsequent success of the Catholic Answers apostolate. Join us on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean as Karl Keating┬átells of his part in this tender but gritty evangelistic story. There is also emotion and sometimes laughter found in the late-at-night experiences of a nurse giving care and tenderness to patients in hospice. Her name is Rosemary Watts and she is one of our ‘stories from down the pew’ that we bring to you from time to time.

Our wonderful award winning journalist Marianna Bartholomew shares a Missionary Moment touching on tenderness and the saints. ┬áThank you, Marianna and thanks for sharing your recommendation and introduction to Chicago area musician Steve Vining. UnknownWe’ve played his music on Catholic Vitamins from time to time, and on this show, we featured his pro-life song CHOOSE LIFE.


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