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Whenever we bring on a guest who shares testimony – it is always a gift. Close faith-journey-mates are another form of gift. Such is the case with our guest, JEANNE ROGERS. We’ve known Jeanne for perhaps 8 years – maybe longer. She is a lovely person, and she is so in love with The Lord, Mother Mary and the Church.

Jeanne has carried various crosses over the years – some of which we’ve been involved in for prayer support. Through it all, Jeanne has held up and given testimony by her unfailing faith walk. She’s been involved in arranging and participating in pilgrimages to Medjugore. And in this show, Jeanne shares a powerful ‘bit’ of testimony about an experience she had during an apparition.

Jeanne has prepared a brochure for her upcoming pilgrimages – those two mentioned on our podcast. If you are interested in more information or in a possible visit to Medjugorje – you can contact Jeanne at


Those who have come to know Marianna Bartholomew  from her MISSIONARY MOMENTS on Catholic Vitamins know what a gift she is… what a gift she can be. For example, in this current episode – she even sings her intro and outro from her actual reflection. Her Missionary Moment is about a (seemingly saintly) woman who left a hospital bed after back surgery and immediately headed to Church for Saturday Confession.

Behind the story of that woman, Marianna shares a wonderful reflection of a small group of young wives and mothers who met to create Advent Jesse Tree ornaments. A neat, neat share, for sure. Marianna let us know she has posted a story about this and some pictures of Jesse Tree ornaments on her blog page. This specific story and images are found at:

Marianna is the winner of seven National Catholic Press Association Journalism Awards and was the former Managing Editor of the national Catholic EXTENSION Magazine.


Longtime listeners will remember we’ve had both Danielle Rose and Alicia Hernon on as musician and singer guests. They are both so wonderful — and they gave us permission to play their music. We thank them.

On this show we played:

Danielle Rose’s rendition of HAIL HOLY QUEEN from her album MYSTERIES.

Alicia Hernon’s beautiful MARIA from her album BELOVED.

Thank you and blessings dear ladies.



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