Catholic Vitamin T Testimony 3

Look at the face of what evangelist Chris Stefanick calls ‘unshakeable joy.’ These two ladies are Sisters Marina and Grace, (SHM) — members of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother . We’ve had  TESTIMONY guest stories on Catholic Vitamins before. But we were so impressed with the October 2020 guest interview with another SHM Sister (Kristen) that we asked the Mother Superior if we could interview anyone else from the order. Two for this show was more than we could have hoped for…

While the headquarters of the SHM order is in Spain, and although they have missions in different countries, these two guests are serving in Jacksonville, FL. They are working in a parish in a variety of mission efforts — their charisms defend the Eucharist, also the Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and also to reach the youth.

Please support this order. Their website is



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