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As I shared on the podcast for this Catholic Vitamin — in part, my life was quite dramatically changed by two factors: God’s merciful grace and, surprisingly by a Jewish businessman who had been stealing from his employer. And years later, I am profoundly involved in the Catholic faith and in deacon ministry. The Jewish gentleman’s testimony helped to make changes in my life. And your testimony may change someone elses life in gentle or touching ways.

Our guest on the podcast is Deacon and medical doctor Christopher Penning from Bridge, Texas. Chris shares testimony about how becoming a doctor began to change him in ways shaped by the world… changes that weren’t all that great for his faith and his moral walk. Chris went to see a priest and after a mini-RCIA class, he started a better walk. Only problem was — that his wife and a son were horribly injured in an automobile accident and it looked as if there wasn’t a medical cure. Not a comfortable position for a doctor to be in. Doc Chris resorted to what we (say we) believe in — he laid hands on his son and the boy was cured overnight. This led to Chris considering the diaconate — and Chris is now an ordained Catholic deacon.

Chris shared powerful testimony on several levels and topics in this show. I hope you’ll get a chance to listen… and then please share a bit of testimony here or by calling us on our feedback line (206-350-3789) or sending us an email (

Thank you Lord Jesus for your healing hand and mercy. Thank you for the testimony you lead others to share. A Texas speaker/preacher once said that “people are the hands that God uses to touch us.” Thank you Deacon and Doctor Chris Penning.


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Michael James Mette is a fresh new face with a bold, energetic style that speaks directly to a ‘Guitar Hero’ generation.  Whether it is a small intimate group, or a large crowd, MJM has an effective impact on audiences ranging from teens to young adults. His presentations are dynamic and spirited, as he is able to draw from his rich prayer life and solid catechesis to present the Gospel message in a fresh, authentic way.  His diverse music style allows him to offer both a contemporary sound on the acoustic guitar, along with an ‘engaging’ element on his electric guitar. MJM is easily able to transform a restless group from boredom, to jumping around in praise, to deep worship-open to the Holy Spirit-in just a short amount of time.
But, there’s more to MJM than just his fancy guitar licks and spiky hair! Michael James Mette has a heart that is full of the love of Christ. His commitment to discipleship, evangelization and love for his Catholic foundation is what stands out most, not only to the teens and young adults, but to parents and educators as well.
Michael James Mette is available as a musician and/or speaker for youth liturgies, conferences, diocesan youth rallies, prayer nights, camps and more.

Thank you for sharing your music and your complementary download cards with Catholic Vitamins. We have a number of them and we look forward to some of our listeners sending in their request or calling our feedback line.

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