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What kind of a faith vitamin is TONY? Well, spending time getting to ‘meet’ TONY AGNESI will be a big boost to your faith journey. And he’s back on the Catholic Vitamins Podcast and KPIH 98.9 Catholic Radio Show. Why is Tony back? Because we’re happy to announce that the AWARD WINNING AUTHOR AND SPEAKER AND STORY TELLER is coming to our community. AN EVENING WITH TONY AGNESI on Saturday February 8th will include a complementary Italian dinner, and an hour plus of stories… heartwarming, inspiring, faith-boosting stories by Tony Agnesi. For details and to get tickets to attend, go to our radio website:

Tony has received so many awards. For his 50+ years of radio broadcasting and management. For his inspiring Blog (voted one of the Top 100 Catholic Blogs Worldwide). And Tony has been acclaimed for his three books: A Storytellers Guide to a Grace Filled Life Volumes 1 & 2, and A Storytellers Guide to Joyful Service.

We’ll have them for sale at our TONY Agnesi dinner event, but you can also get them at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and a wide variety of locations, in addition to Tony’s website: www.tonyagnesi.comĀ 

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