Catholic Vitamin U Unabashed

There’s something so joyous and uplifting as a person who is an UNABASHED lover of the Lord, His Church and the Sacraments. Such a person is our return guest KENDRA VON ESH. Perhaps described as a female version of St. Augustine, Kendra definitely was leading a ‘worldly’ existence. She was business successful but very unfulfilled. She now describes herself as a recovering corporate executive. And she’s full of joy and love and a new-found faith walk. She speaks to groups, i.e., a large 100+ group of priests, small parish days of renewal, Legatus dinner gatherings, and women’s gatherings. etc. She would love to come visit your parish or group meeting. Go to

And we are thankful to, and played a bit of music by Franciscan University professor and worship leader Dr. Bob Rice. He’s found at



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