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Melanie RigneyHer voice and her story are as infectious as her smile! Meet Melanie Rigney found at her website ( but also found today on Catholic Vitamins. She calls her ministry REJOICE! Be Glad. She’s an author (Sisterhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration. She’s also co-author of When They Come Home: Ways to Welcome Returning Catholics.  Melanie Book

How she came to do this is a measure of God’s Amazing Grace and Melanie’s story of having virtually lost her way. No food. No money. Looking for a drink of water. It’s another of the favorite forms of conversion and reversion that Catholic Vitamins listeners have enjoyed for almost six years: LORD — if you’re really there – You have to let me know.

Special note:We were visited by a group of scrubbed, on-fire young people at our parish this past week. Turns out, they were one of three walks across America. It’s all part of the Crossroads Pro Life Walks Across America. UnknownYou can find out about this great organization by going to  We were able to spend a short bit of time with a leader of the groupdoing the southern route walk. They started at the Santa Monica CA pier. Their eventual destination is to meet up with two other walking groups in Washington, D. C. in mid August. Young people, giviing up their summer to demonstrate for the cause of life in the womb… life in the nurshing home. Praise God. Thank you young people for your faith witness.


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