Catholic Vitamin U: Understanding

Our guest for this show is a Catholic wife, mother, composer, musician, singer and attorney at law. She’s Billie Tarascio, and we’re so honored to have her share time and life story with us. 

What made us pick Billie for a Catholic Vitamin such as UNDERSTANDING? We think the interview will shed light on this question. She’s had to learn… to understand God’s will for Billie, her husband and her ‘outside of the bell curve’ son, Sebastian. Billie tells us that Sebastian is a great gift — but the family has had to learn how to deal with a child with extra sensory reaction and ADHD. And because of this challenge, Billie had to ‘design’ a law firm that allowed her flexibility in her scheduling and client work.

Earlier in her life, Billie was a woman waiting for a soldier to come back from a war zone. And during that down time, Billie wrote most all the music which is found on her album SEND ME. And by the way – look at the great photography on her jacket for the CD. You can purchase her CD or buy individual songs through iTunes. Billie’s website is found at:  

You can also find the photogenic Billie on Facebook (where you can also see her do some commercials for her law firm. Billie’s Facebook is: 

During the podcast, we mentioned that the Tucson Diocese newspaper called The New VISION ran a November article on Catholic Vitamins and on how we came to do this show on the web. Here’s a link to the article: 

We thank Theresa Doyle Nelson for a contribution to Vitamin U with Uriah. 

We thank Fergal O’Neill for his great reflection on Understanding. 

And last but not least, we thank Justin Stroh for ever challenging us… this time with an endearing son at the microphone.

Blessings one and all.

deacon tom & (the lovely 🙂 Dee


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