Catholic Vitamin U Undertaking

ron-michaeliDeacon RON MICHAELI and his wife Barbara did what most any of us would do: they bought a convent. They moved in and started welcoming people of every faith situation to come for rest, for counseling, for study… All the while, Deacon Ron was running a business, visiting prisoners in the Colorado State prison, being a deacon on the altar…

Ron was in our four year deacon formation program in the Archdiocese of Denver. He was a faith leader, a prayer leader and prayer warrior. He was (and is) an inspiration. He also is a story teller – a craft honed over many years. And a craft which he brings to the pulpit when he preaches.

What an UNDERTAKING his life has been. From the earliest days of his youth, through being involved in politics in Washington, D. C. — well — Ron is our special guest on this episode of Catholic Vitamins.

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