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On this episode of Catholic Vitamin U (UNIQUE) – we are blessed to present a first day ‘class’ with a wonderful professor DR. RAMON LUZARRAGA, Assistant Professor of Theology at Benedictine University in Mesa, Arizona.

We were able to journey with Dr. Luzarraga from his childhood and time back east to his role at the exciting and fast-growing Benedictine campus in Mesa, AZ – a model for solid Catholic-based education for all of the southwestern U. S.

What is Theology? And why is it important to the average lay person? St. Anselm of Canterbury described theology as fides quaerens intellectum, “faith seeking understanding.” Theology gives us an understanding of what we believe in based on Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium.

In our visit with the Professor, we discuss the types of theology: Christology – the study of Christ and HIs teachings, Soteriology – Justification and Sanctification, Ecclesiology — the doctrine of the Church, and other areas.  To visit the website for the Mesa-campus, go to:

Some time ago, we interviewed and featured the music of Donna Cori Gibson on Catholic Vitamins. We are pleased to pull some of her music and feature it on this show. You can find out about Donna and her awesome music at 

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