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Meet Alicia Hernon of Steubenville, Ohio. She has a face, a voice and a faith that radiates her great spirit and love. She is married to Michael, and together they have nine children – one of whom was born just over a week ago. Funny note: On the evening that we arranged to do this interview — a young child answered the phone at home when I called. “May I speak with your mom?”  (Pause) Alicia comes on the phone and I introduce myself and ask if she still wants to talk. She heads up to her room and when the door closed — she said, “You bet I’d like to talk — I’m in here where it’s quiet…” and her voice just radiated happiness to spend a half hour with Catholic Vitamins. She is a happy, faith-filled woman of God.

Alicia Hernon comes from a very musical family. Her father led music at her home parish, her brother is Catholic artist Martin Doman. Alicia began singing at Mass, and later, at Franciscan University, she had the opportunity to develop her musical gifts, and began a career of teaching music at schools and in private lessons. Over the years, people asked her if she would ever record a CD. She finally decided that it was time. The result: “Beloved”, a collection of ten inspirational songs done with acoustic instruments like guitar, violin, piano, and flute.

We featured three songs on the show. The first was a portion of “Cry of the Beloved” –  An uptempo song based on the Song of Solomon, describing God as the King and we, His people, the beloved.

The most touching song – the most powerful one on the album BELOVED is the song “Talitha Cumi” – and the words came from a couple who had experienced the death of not one but multiple children in their families. It’s beautiful, haunting, Biblical and very moving.

Finally – we included the longer “Scripture Medley” – which is so fun because Alicia is accompanied by several of her children. That’s the song we ended the show with.

Thanks Alicia Hernon. And you can find her website at:

We also want to thank Peggy Bowes, Justin Stroh and Theresa Doyle-Nelson for their contributions to Catholic Vitamins. Their websites are found at:




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