Catholic Vitamin U Utilize

Is your faith a little on the ‘weak’ side? Care to strengthen the intensity of your faith walk? Why not ‘UTILIZE‘ the strength gained from spending time with someone who came from atheism, new age beliefs, loose sexual practices — to discovering Jesus… His Mother Mary… and our wonderful Catholic Church?

Our guest is a dear lady and friend of Catholic Vitamins: CHRISTINE WATKINS. Yes, she is a convert. Yes, she is on fire. Yes, she was instantly healed from cancer. And yes, she has been doing great work with her apostolate Queen of Peace Media.

There’s a joyful ‘feeling’ to this interview and our time with Christine. And we’re pleased to also share a segment and testimony from KENDRA VON ESH on this show. Oh! And a lovely reflection on Christian MARRIAGE by Story Teller TONY AGNESI.

All in all – a nice faith vitamin to nourish your faith from A to U!! 🙂

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