Catholic Vitamin V Validation

sarah-krogerShe’s young. She’s fresh. She’s inspiring. She’s SARAH KROGER — an amazingly talented musician and singer. She starts her faith-journey sharing telling us she used to have her hair in pigtails — something you won’t find out on any other Catholic podcast 🙂  But her faith-based music ministry and journey (with the help of another incredible talent named JOSH BLAKESLY) has been nothing short of amazing.

Sarah started her life in Melbourne, FL but is certainly headed towards a home in the Christian Music Minister’s hall of fame. She’s wonderful and Catholic Vitamins invites you to go to her website:    Find her music and her blog and about where she’ll be appearing.

Married to Dom in 2015, her husband describes Sarah as ‘beautiful, holy, unique, gifted… a loving person.’ And that combination led us to recognize her as our faith ‘vitamin’ for this show: VALIDATION. It’s what we need for our own faith journey.

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