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Come listen and learn (more) about one of the greatest mysteries of our times: The SHROUD OF TURIN. Our guest, BILL WINGARD is an expert on the history, and the results of major scientific testing done on the Shroud. Does the Shroud contain ‘evidence’ of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ? The detailed imagery and evidence contained in the Shroud will support a growth in your Faith and in great compassion for what Our Savior went through for us.

Bill Wingard travels to parishes, dioceses, prisons and other events. Surprisingly, he doesn’t ask or expect a speaking fee – but he does ask for help with travel expenses. When he comes to speak, he brings with him a full sized copy of the Shroud, and he is also in possession of and brings with him the large-sized photographic negative which so clearly shows the face of Jesus.

To schedule a talk at your parish or event – go to to look at his website. And you can send email to ┬áNOTE: During our interview, Bill said that a surprising… tender thing happens after some of his talks — people go to Confession — many going who have not been to the Sacrament of Reconciliation for long, long periods of time. Touching….

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