Catholic Vitamin V Vigilance 2

DizonOne of the music pieces we play in this show is titled STAY AWAKE WITH ME… for our Vitamin is VIGILANCE. And our guest, MARICRIS DIZON shares, in her faith walk how Vigilance alerted her to the will of God. It’s a great journey story — a young woman with the proper disposition  — always ready — always listening. And she winds up getting the opportunity to join MATTHEW KELLY‘s organization DYNAMIC CATHOLIC.

Surely you’ve read some of Matthew’s books: REDISCOVER CATHOLICISM… or the recent REDISCOVER JESUS… or maybe you’ve attended one of Matthew’s great talks like PASSION AND PURPOSE. This talk was the one that helped Maricris discover her passion and purpose. You can reach Maricris at her email address which is  She’d love to hear from you… or help your organization to bring some of the great Dynamic Catholic materials into your parish or diocese.

We played some of attorney Billy Tarascio’s music on this show. You can find her at her law firm Modern Law in the Phoenix valley. And her album SEND ME is available from ‘s music library.

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