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Fr Eric GilbaughWe have two (count ’em 2) priests guesting on this slightly longer Catholic Vitamins show. Our main interview guest is Fr. Eric Gilbaugh who explains how he has gone from being a city-loving ‘scholar’ and athlete to a western Montana pastor with loads to do, including helping to round up cattle for one of his parishioners 🙂  BUT… Fr. has some inspiring words to share with us on VIGILANCE as we head into Advent.

The second priest comes to us courtesy of the Franciscan University Summer Conferences. He’s Fr. Tim Hepburn, a priest and vocation director from Atlanta. UnknownHe often visits one or more of the summer conferences — and if you can’t attend, you can find Fr. Tim and loads of interesting speakers on CD’s and DVD’s through the FUS Bookstore.

If you were moved by the segment of the homily we played on this show, and you wish to reach out to Fr. Tim, his email address is: 

Special thanks to composer and singer Brian Flynn for previously guesting on Catholic Vitamins and for the use of his music.  

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