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Becky Bowers-GreeneI mean… just look at her smiling face! Isn’t this a picture of VITALITY? Yes it is – and the lady is Becky Bowers-Greene, recent speaker at the Phoenix Catholic Women’s Conference. And, co-host of a radio show, The Catholic Conversation, along with her husband Steve. Their show is available in the Phoenix metro area and on-line. The subtitle of their lively show is: The Cradle and the Convert. She’s the convert, and that journey is a part of what we bring you on this podcast. You can sign up to receive the Greene’s podcast through iTunes. Among other life-altering changes on her journey, Becky used to be a card-carrying…. well — let’s just say you can find Becky at her website

On this show, we featured music by a dear friend of CV, Renee Bondi. From her album Mercies in Disguise, we played a part of Renee’s tender and uplifting rendition of Amazing Grace. You can order Renee’s music at

Our Scriptural Evangelista, Sonja Corbitt Sonja Corbittwill soon be offering a HEROES OF THE FAITH course that you can take on-line or listen to after the fact. To check out the details, go to 

And finally (but not least!) – we played a snippet from one of the new items available from the Daneluks over at Making Music Praying Twice. They offer three downloads, two of which are songs (Turn Around and Sanctus), and a guided, sung, child friendly Divine Mercy Chaplet. Kate DanelukGo to 

Thanks once again to Justin Stroh, Deacon Fergal O’Neill and Sonja Corbitt for their great contributions to this week’s show.

Blessings, all! Spiritual Vitality is yours. Just ask for it.


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