Catholic Vitamin V Vocation

Each of us is called to VOCATION. And a person can have many different callings in life. You may be called to marriage and to a particular occupation. But what about what happens if you are in college preparing for your intended life’s work, and all of a sudden you discover that you’re pregnant?

Meet our special guest, MARYGRACE TUCKER. Just as she was summering and preparing ┬áto enter her fourth year of college… a good and very Catholic college…. Marygrace became pregnant outside of marriage. Her whole of life is about to become confused, full of fright, worry about the reaction of her parents… worry about how the Catholic college is going to react to an unmarried pregnant woman who wants to continue classes amidst morning sickness and other pre-birth situations and complications.

CHOOSE LIFE! And that’s what Marygrace decided to do. Vocation can also be defined as a call to a distinctive state in life. Marygrace chose to respond to the multiple calls to holiness and motherhood.

Join us and meet our guest… And if you’d like to reach out to her, the email is

We featured music from the Pauline Sisters on this show. Their lovely album is titled SANCTUS, and if you’d like to look into purchase of it, here’s the web link:


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