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Well, we are at the end of Advent (in hours) and entering the beautiful season of Christmas. Those in larger parishes will likely hear beautiful VOICES singing the old and family hymns of Christmas and the message once again of hope for mankind. 

This Catholic Vitamins Podcast is a composite of the voices of our Bishop, the Most Reverend Gerald Kicanas, Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson, AZ, and a homily from Deacon Tom offered just ahead of the parish penance service. The title of my homily was John Paul II and the Beggar Priest. I hope it moves your heart – and that you will revisit the sacrament of Reconciliation often.


We started our music segments with a dear friend (and two-time visitor to Catholic Vitamins) — Renee Bondi. We played her touching rendition of REDEEMER from Renee’s album BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE. Buy music from Renee at

Another guest from about a year ago is a wonderful singer and arranger, Donna Cori Gibson. She has a wide range of music, from seasonal music to Divine Mercy to the Rosary, stations of the Cross, etc. For this show, we played GESU BAMBINO — from Donna’s awesome album: A TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS. Find her music at

Although Lorie Line was our guest on our previous show, we wanted to share a joyous Gospel-rendition of the song hymn GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN. This is from Lorie’s album SHOW STOPPERS and it is one devoted to her prior concerts with singer FRANK ROBINSON. You can find Lorie and her music at:


We cannot end a year without acknowledging our loyal friends and podcast contributors. Marianna Bartholomew joined us about a year and a half ago – and she has been so dedicated in putting together missionary stories and concepts from her past and from her creative current experiences. Marianna has wonderful credentials (she was previously editor of the Catholic EXTENSION Magazine for something like ten years). Marianna often publishes columns found on her blog page:   and I might mention that she has published a column there which is a textual (and image) version of what she did for this Catholic Vitamin V VOICES Missionary Moments.

And then, there is Justin Stroh. He is a long-term voice in the world of Catholic evangelization. He was an original member of the RADIX Catholic music group. Today, he uses music, Scripture, humor and testimony as a speaker. He has attended a half dozen or more World Youth Days, always leading youth groups from his parish and diocese. And for more than a year, Justin has shared his New Evangelization Podcast Segments on our show. You can reach Justin (or buy Herbalife products) at:

Last but not least, some two years ago, I set out into the deep (to quote JPII) in search of a new voice and contributor for Catholic Vitamins. The quickest and most surprising voice was all the way across the pond from Fergal O’Neill from Naas, Ireland. Naas is a suburb of Dublin and is pronounced like ‘nace.’ Fegal is a deacon candidate who speaks with a wisdom beyond his relatively young years. He is married (Mary) and they have five children. God willing, Fergal will be ordained about Pentecost in 2013. God willing, Dee and I will travel to be with Fergal and his family and friends for this wonderful event. You can reach Fergal at

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