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Bishop KicanasHis Excellency Gerald Kicanas shares a bit of the VOYAGE he recently returned from, and also speaks to our Catholic Vitamins listeners about the new Encyclical of Holy Father Francis. The interview was clipped a bit, but we are so grateful to our Bishop for giving us a visit before he had to return to Tucson (some 3.5-4 hours a way).

Bishop Kicanas gave a blessing to all fathers and grandfathers at our parish this Father’s Day. I’ll put some of the pictures from this event on our Friends of Catholic Vitamins Facebook page.

Scriptural Evangelista Sonja Corbitt joins on this weekend’s show with another great teaching based on the Holy Bible. During our conversation about Sonja, we mentioned that she had just recently (like within days) been interviewed on Catholic TV about her new book UNLEASHED. Here’s a link to that show and interview:

Marianna Bartholomew also joined us on the CV Voyage and we enjoyed her share about a trip that comes from her delightful vault of memories and experiences.

Marianna Bartholomew




We’re saying good-bye to our 3-year and more contributor from Ireland: Deacon Fergal O’Neill. Unknown Sadly…. sadly, Fergal emailed us to tell us he just can’t keep up with all the demands that he faces as husband, father, teacher and deacon of three parishes. May God bless Deacon Fergal and Mary and family — may we all meet merrily in heaven or on another trip over the ‘pond.’ Thank you for all you’ve done for Catholic Vitamins, brother Fergal.

Our most favorite singing attorney, Billy Tarascio helped close our show with an uplifting tribute to travels with the Lord. We played SEND ME from her earlier album of the same name. Billy was an earlier guest on Catholic Vitamins. Here’s a link to her law firm.

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