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elizabeth-ficocelliSorry that we’ve kept you WAITING… but the lovely Dee is away… and the Deacon has been on the couch suffering from a nasty cold. BUT… but… here to warm the last hours of Advent is the lovely and inspiring ELIZABETH FICOCELLI — noted speaker, prolific author of several inviting and educational books for folks of any/all ages… she’s also a radio host of her own show… I mean where does she get the time and energy to do all this? Catholic Vitamins, perhaps?

Even though we’re late/late… Elizabeth takes us through the letters of ADVENT — creating a memorable series of ideas to prepare anew for the Christ child. Thanks Elizabeth – and apologies to you that we’re late posting this. You can find E’s schedule, her books and talks and so much more by going to

And a final note of thanks to the very talented musician and orchestra leader LORIE LINE. She was a guest on Catholic Vitamins some years ago — and we love her music and style so very much. You can find her products and info about her appearances by going to

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