Catholic Vitamin W Walking Part 1

Deborah Schaben in CanadaHi again. Three ladies are pictured on our CV web page for this show. Our main guest for this show in a discussion about some holy reasons for WALKING is Deborah Schaben from the iPilgrim Podcast. She’s shown on the left in this picture taken when she and her co-host (Sandy) did a special (and spiritual) walk in Canada. The Canadian pilgrimage comes in part two of our time with Deborah.

Our second guest is 20 year old Kathryn Bauman from Denver – especially honored to be selected as the first lector at the closing Mass at the recent World Youth Day in Rio. What an exciting honor – and we thank Kathryn for agreeing to join us on this Catholic Vitamins show. Katherine Bauman

During our time with Kathryn, she passionately spoke about an ecclesial group with a definite Marian spirituality. It’s called the Christian Life Movement. It’s a wonderful organization and you can start your research on and about them by going to their website:



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