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Do you like a WARMHEARTED story now and then? Fix yourself a cuppa coffee or tea and join us for a very lovely conversion story. It’s a ‘Best-of’ show which features one of our favorite interviews. All the way back from April of 2012. Our guest is Catholic wife, mother, author and speaker CARI DONALDSON. Deacon Tom almost didn’t want to let the interview end… and it did run somewhat longer than most of our shared conversations.

I think one thing that you might consider if you listen to this show is that if you have children or grandchildren that have fallen a long way from the family tree… keep up in prayer and example. Minimize the heavy duty nagging pressure on them… and who knows but what a lovely conversion might be the fruit from your efforts.

Sadly, Deacon Tom’s mother never got to see the fruits of her prayers while she was living. But she sure must enjoy them a lot now. Thanks Mom! And please join with me, Mom in praying for our family and for Cari Donaldson and her family.

Blessings all.

Dee and Deacon Tom

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