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We spend quite a number of hours doing research for Catholic Vitamins each week. And it is interested to us how God gives us opportunities through people and circumstances and referrals. A friend, Candy Bridges calls the results of many of these unexpected activities as  ‘Godcidences.’

Take this show on Catholic Vitamin W for WELCOME. I was doing some work on Facebook, when I happened to see a connection with someone who does youth ministry. Her name is AMANDA MORTUS — a resident of the greater Denver area. The Denver metroplex is an area (and with many people) that we know quite well. We lived in Estes Park, about an hour and a half-ish from Denver and we went through four years of deacon formation in downtown Denver. At any rate….

Amanda’s name wasn’t familiar, but when I contacted her, she joyously jumped at the opportunity to spend time doing the recorded interview for Catholic Vitamins. Lo and behold, when Amanda sent a picture for posting here on this blog and on the screen for the Podcast, she looked somewhat familiar. We feel as if we may have worked together at the same Steubenville of the Rockies youth conference in Denver some years ago.

Amanda is a lovely young woman – but if you listen to our podcast show, you’ll recognize an inner beauty that is wonderful and inspiring to get to know about.

Amanda is a blogger and you can read her work and thoughts at During our interview, Amanda reminded us what AGAPE is: — Christian love which is distinct from erotic love or emotional affection. I hope you’ll spend some time getting to know about this young lady – and share our interview with young men and women who might benefit from her testimony.

Music on the Podcast

We featured a song from a beautiful lady, a wife and mother, a composer and a wonderful singer,  Marie Bellet. We played a part of her title song from the album EVERYTHING CHANGES. Marie was a previous guest on Catholic Vitamin L for LESSONS. You can find that show at

And you can find Marie and her music on her website:

We ended our show with an old favorite song of ours: GIVE ME JESUS. It was performed by the NEW CELEBRATION SINGERS on an album that is out of print, but may still be available on a few sites. The album is ALONG THE WAY.

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