Catholic Vitamin W Willing

He was a Lutheran in love with the Blessed Virgin. He became an Episcopalian even more in love with Mary. In fact, before becoming Catholic, he used to spend part of his days off in a Catholic Church where he’d pray to Jesus…. and to His Mother.

We do this show as a memorial of and for FATHER DOUG LORIG. We interviewed him some years ago, and his journey was definitely one of a man WILLING to follow the voice of God no matter where it led him. No matter what he had to give up. The road to becoming a (first in the Phoenix Diocese) married Roman Catholic Priest was a winding, sometimes painful journey… it took Doug to the Shrine of Guadalupe where he wept tears of disappointment and sorrow that he couldn’t become a priest in the Catholic Church. But all that changed — and the reason it changed was because of LOVE.

Sherry Boas (successful author and book publisher) said that Fr. Lorig ‘was as close to pure love as anyone she has ever known.’ Join us for this episode and see if you aren’t inspired to love like never before.

Thanks also to our newest correspondent: KENDRA VON ESH, who shared her first reflection on Catholic Vitamins… her experience with a long-overdue ┬áConfession…. very powerful share, Kendra. Check her out at

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