Catholic Vitamin W Willingness

¬†People react far more when they see faith in action rather than hearing someone talking about the faith and not so much living it out…. Meet JUSTIN STROH – an exemplar for Catholic Vitamin W: WILLINGNESS… He’s willing to spend the time in his family to lead and share the faith. He’s willing to work in a parish setting to lead others in their faith walk. Justin does a podcast called THIS NEW EVANGELIZATION — and he’s written and performed faith-oriented music for years. In fact, he shares in this interview that everyone in his family is musically talented. No fair, Justin. We don’t have any such talent.

After hearing this interview, if you’d like to follow Justin more closely, go to ¬† Thank you Justin for revisiting us and inspiring all to a more vibrant practice of Catholicity…. Did we tell you ‘We like being a Catholic?’

We also featured some music by our friend from Franciscan University, Ph.D./Professor and music worship leader Bob Rice. You can find a lot of his work many places on the web, but his main site is located at

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