Catholic Vitamin W: Witness

This lovely lady is Marianna Robin Bartholomew. She’s a DePaul University grad who left with honors in English and writing. As we said elsewhere, she’s been a woman of words ever since. She worked at Catholic Church Extension Society as Managing Editor of EXTENSION Magazine. Marianna and her family live in the greater Chicago area.

Marianna Bartholomew currently works from home as a freelance writer and she publishes a blog (and some of her wonderful poetry) at her website:

We chose our guest for this show because it seems she has been a WITNESS to much of what our faith is  and how it is manifested in varied situations around our country. In rich areas and in very impoverished areas. Marianna describes herself as a journalist and homeschooling mother of three who explores balancing a contemplative lifestyle amidst our technology-driven culture. Some of Marianna’s columns and blog posts include:

On the art of investigative journalism and living

Standing on solid foundations amidst ‘Cities of Cards’

Sharing good music: An act of charity made easy by technology

Walking with God in the garden

What’s the point of World Youth Day?

Steve Jobs, rest in peace

On Tolkien’s desk, Lewis’ wardrobe and relics we cherish

Her areas of interest relating to WITNESS include: Faith and family, non-profit sector, writing articles and stories with a mission, traveling and writing about life in remote, rural America, American folk music, arts and crafts, meeting the hidden poor and learning more about their lives, struggles, and the dignity and insights they have to offer, playing the mountain dulcimer, art of all mediums, especially by the Great Masters, children’s literature, Catholic literature, biographies, antique book collecting, Bronte, poetry, dance and drama, wilderness camping, hiking and canoeing, bicycling, heirloom gardening, exploring ancestry and home schooling.

Happy Thanksgiving to our guest, Marianna, and to our regulars Theresa, Justin and Fergal. Happy Thanksgiving to any of our listeners who happen to read these words and to any who happen upon this site.

We WITNESS our love for those who are struggling with employment, with housing issues, with family problems and we would like you to know that you remain in our prayers.




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