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Special thanks to a wonderful priest — a man of words: holy words during liturgies, inspiring words when teaching, and challenging words for those in political pursuits. His name? Fr. John Putka, longtime professor of Political Science at the University of Dayton in Ohio. As I shared on the podcast, we’ve known Fr. John for well over ten years. I’ve seen him interviewed on Fox News, and I seem to recall that he was on CNN. He’s spoken to executives from the Legatus Organization — the Catholic philanthropic group started by the founder of Dominos Pizza. Father John may be available for speaking events or parish days of renewal. Don’t tell him I said so — but if you combine your invitation with a free meal — it may cinch the deal:-).

During our show, we also discussed a book: THE NEW AGE COUNTERFEIT: A Study Guide For Individual Or Group Use. The author is Johnnette S. Benkovic and the book is published by QUEENSHIP Publishing Company. It’s a book to help people discern from among the many conflicting New Age movements and intrusions into the Gospel. Many areas of new age thinking are reviewed by the author, and I can’t tell you how fascinating it has been for our small book study group to start reading this. So far, we’ve been taking a look at modernism, eastern religions, and contemplation and centering prayer. We’re only three chapters into the book, but so far, we really recommend it.

Also on the show, we asked for anyone who would be willing to be an intercessory prayer partner for Dee and myself as we enter our second year of Catholic Vitamins. No dues. No fees. Just a commitment to support our ministry in your continuing prayer intentions. And in turn, we’ll do the same for you and your needs. Please visit us over at Friends of Catholic Vitamins on Facebook. Tell us of your willingness to be a prayer partner — and we’ll take it from there.

Finally, we closed with another great song by Russ Rentler based on the words: HABEMUS PAPAM: We have a Father… the words proclaimed at the Vatican when a new pope is elected. Russ’ album has been featured on Catholic Vitamins from time to time. His music is available through his website shown below. Thank you Russ


Fr. John Putka:

For the book The NEW AGE COUNTERFEIT by Johnnette Benkovic, here is the publisher’s web address:

And you can find Russ Rentler’s information and music at

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