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webLgSr.ChristineMarieMeet Sister Christine Marie, Vocations Director of the DISCIPLES OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (DLJC). This is a wonderful order that is, at once contemplative, and an order given to evangelization. In part, their strength flows from their WORSHIP — the daily Mass of course,  frequent Adoration and prayer and praise and worship music. And then – out into communities where they bring joy and invitation to know and love Jesus personally. Yes – a real relationship with Jesus and His Mother.

WEB DLJC Logo pictureMother Juana Teresa is Mother Superior of the DLJC order. She and all the sisters (and the growing number of applicants) welcome you to visit their ‘ranch’ not too far from Amarillo, TX. Well, their actual location is appropriately named Prayer Town, TX. The website for this order is found at 


We also played music from another order, the Carmelite Sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ of Los Angeles. Their album is called Lean Into the Wind, and it’s available on their website:

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