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Father UBALD RUGIRANGOGA was a WORTHY servant of the Lord. So much so, that he helped bring people back to the Lord with a ministry of FORGIVENESS and PEACE. Forgiveness for what? Father Ubald lost 80 members of his immediate (his mother) and extended family members. When and where did this happen? In the 1994 Rwanda genocide which took the lives of an estimated 1,174,000 people all in a period of 100 days.

Our guest on this show is KATSEY LONG – a Wyoming counselor/professional. She was the travel and event coordinator for Father Ubald, starting with the first of his visits to the U. S. How did a Wyoming medical counselor come to be so involved with a then-unknown (in the U. S.) priest from Rwanda? Listen to our interview and come to understand the working of the Lord when He uses a Worthy priest to bring peace to a very troubled people. In Rwanda. And then, in many cities and dioceses in the U. S. It’s a powerful interview about a powerful life. Thank you Katsey. May God bless Fr. Ubald who died just weeks ago due to the Covid virus. He died in a hospital in Salt Lake City, and as we post this show, Katsey is still waiting for clearances to escort Fr. Ubald’s body back to Rwanda in Africa.

Fr. Ubald was called the ‘Billy Graham of Rwanda.’ Thank you Lord for the gift of his life and ministry.


Heavenly Father, we give You thanks for Your servant and priest Father Ubald Rugirangoga, whose life and ministry manifested the miraculous power of Your Divine Mercy. Facing unspeakable pain and sufferings, he entrusted himself to Your infinite goodness. You sent Father Ubald to his beloved Rwanda and to the world as a joyful apostle of peace and reconciliation, preaching forgiveness and healing in the name of Jesus. His testimony, fueled by his love for Your Eucharistic Presence and his filial devotion to the Blessed Mother, brought a multitude of souls to the Church and to a living and loving relationship with You in the Holy Spirit.

If it be Your will, O God, glorify Your servant Father Ubald and make known his holiness by granting the favor I now ask through his prayerful intercession: (Mention your request.)


To report any spiritual or physical favors grantees through Father Ubald Rugirangoga’s intercession, please visit

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