Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 14 Jesse Romero & Lorie Line

jesse-anitaDON’T touch that dial 🙂  JESSE ROMERO is on-fire and he’s our guest on this eXtra Show #14… 2017 New Year challenge for everyone by a former L. A. Sheriff’s officer, and now a co-host of an Immaculate Heart radio show (The Terry and Jesse Show). Jesse’s also a ‘power preacher’ of the Bible and our Catholic radio station (KPIH 98.9 Rim Catholic Radio) brought him to our community. WOW. WOW! Exciting. And, our  show is not short on seasonal vitamins either. We bring you the delightful music stylings of LORIE LINE — a former guest on Catholic Vitamins. We feature some of the wonderful seasonal songs from Lorie’s album IMMANUEL — and a special closing song that will have your toes tapping and a hand beating on the steering wheel — Lorie Line and her ‘pops’ orchestra along with noted Gospel singer ROBERT ROBINSON and GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN.

PLEASE… listen through the end of this episode because between Jesse and his on-fire approach to communicating Catholic and Biblical TRUTH… and Lorie and Robert – this is a great way to end one year and begin another.

Jesse Romero’s website is found at

Lorie Line’s website is at

Thanks to Jesse and Lorie. Thanks Lorie for guesting on a prior show and giving us permission to feature your music from time to time.

Happy New Year all from Deacon Tom and Dee. See you someplace on the other side of New Year!

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