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Once again, we are blessed to be able to bring you a segment of a talk by the wonderful Irish Sister Briege McKenna. Her talk for this show is about the Eucharist and about the Mass. Sister Briege has great devotion to Our Lord in the Eucharist and in the Blessed Sacrament. She also has a great devotion and ministry to Catholic priests — but listen to this podcast where she sort of ‘gets tough’ with a priest not living up to his true calling.

Many years ago, I first found out about Sr. Briege from another Irish person – a priest in Florida who had a personal encounter with her and it is a powerful story that I’d like to bring to you some time. As a result of that Irish priest, I bought Sister’s book MIRACLES DO HAPPEN and I encourage you to find/buy a copy. It’s her story of her instantaneous healing from crippling arthritis. And it happened at the Mass just after Briege received Holy Communion.

We want to thank Franciscan University for this great opportunity to share speakers from their summer conferences. You can find out about this year’s program by going to their website: Or phone them at 800-437-8368

We played a portion of a song by Nancy Krebs from her album Remember God Loves You. The song we played was HERE AND NOW. You can find out more about her albums by going to

And if you’d like to look at a wide array of Catholic musicians and singers go to — that’s the website of the Catholic Association of Music — a place which encourages and supports Catholic music of all kinds.

We also mentioned Madonna House. Please visit their main site and if you want to look at their publications section — go to

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