Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 15 Part 1

‘Simple’ farm boy… asked to leave a seminary after 4 years… eventually ordained a priest with extremely limited faculties… and now, soon to be beatified. Meet the wonderful, holy, ‘doorman’ SOLANUS CASEY. We are so pleased to bring you the first of a two part interview with CATHY ODELL — a talented, independent author in several areas. We spend this time with her discussing her new book FATHER SOLANUS CASEY Revised and Updated, published by Our Sunday Visitor press. I’m so grateful to OSV for facilitating this interview opportunity with Catholic Vitamins.

Cathy was a ‘treasure’ to interview — so many nuggets that point to the various aspects of the family history, ‘Barney’s failures at jobs, or in his plans for marriage… but God’s will and call bring out a man destined for holy greatness…. evidenced by upwards of 20,000 people attending his funeral in Detroit in the hot summer of 1957.

We are also glad to share a challenging reflection from our own Sandy Greggs — about the busy-ness in most all of our lives.

Catholic Vitamins — nourishing faith from A to Z.

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