Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 15 Part 2

 A young person unable to walk and sitting on someone’s lap. Across the room, FATHER SOLANUS CASEY prays for him and asks the boy to walk over to him. He does walk – for the first time ever. Able to foretell events about to happen? Praying for an orchard of fruit threatened by frost – and all was preserved while other orchards surrounding had damaged crop.

This is our eXTRA show – part 2 introducing you to the beautiful story of a gentle soul — a humble, faithful, obedient Capuchin with limited priestly faculties… yet he was the doorman who spawned faith, hope and love wherever his order sent him. An estimated 20,000 attended his funeral in Detroit – and just days ago, in the motor city — thousands flocked to Ford Field to witness the Mass elevating him to the ranks of the Blessed – one step from full sainthood.

Fr. Solanus Casey – Blessed Solanus — pray for us.

And on this episode, the Deacon mentioned ‘correspondent’ Sandy Greggs’ written and ‘voiced’  TERMINALLY WELL column which is now found on Youtube. If you missed hearing Sandy on our earlier Catholic Vitamins – here’s a link to her powerful testimony: 

Finally – on this podcast, we mentioned author/speaker Dawn Marie Roeder and her husband. There’s a lovely, inspiring article written about them in a most recent episode of the (Phoenix) Catholic Sun newspaper. The title of the article is: “Fostering and Adopting Children: the toughest job you’ll ever love.” You can find the article on the Diocese website:

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