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Each year for seven years, Deacon Tom has been blessed (I over-use the word, and in this case I really mean it) to be able to attend the Priest, Deacon and Seminarian summer conference at Franciscan University. They say, and I’ve told people that it is like walking on anointed, holy ground to be there. 

This episode of Catholic Vitamins features mini-interviews with three unique Franciscan voices. First, there is a sax and flute playing former anti-Catholic Evangelical Protestant who is a convert to Catholicism. His name is Andre Villeneuve. For something like three years, I’ve seen him helping to lead liturgical and praise and worship music with the Bob Rice music group. Little did I know (until this interview) what a journey Andre had to share with us. Twelve years of study and worship in the Holy Land and now, a co-founder of Catholics For Israel ( ). It’s a great web site and organization which Andre talks about during our interview on Catholic Vitamins.

And then — also for some years at Franciscan, I’ve come to know an on-fire evangelist. His name is Deacon Ralph Poyo. Raised Catholic in a Latin-American cultural setting, Ralph admits to being around a ‘macho’ culture which saw women as objects to be used. He got into pornography for a lot of years — until Christ led him to renounce the improper and unholy use of flesh. Ralph has formed a company NEW EVANGELIZATION MINISTRIES. The web site flows from that exact name. And Deacon Ralph has booked up a year ahead of time visiting parishes and leading them into a new vision and a new practice of evangelization. Visit Ralph’s website and order his book.

Finally – a feature mini-interview with Dr. John Bergsma was a wonderful ending to my time at Franciscan. I think our listeners will enjoy this former Protestant pastor who came to Catholicism through the Eucharist. In fact, one of John’s CD’s is entitled MASS CONVERSION: How I Discovered the Eucharist and the Catholic Church. His audio publisher Catholic Publications graciously gave us several copies of this talk on CD. Just call our feedback number (206-350-3789) or send an email to  and we’ll put your information into a basket for drawing. This will run from the date of posting this show (6/30) for three weeks.

Ave Maria Press graciously gave us a copy of Dr. Bergsma’s new book BIBLE BASICS FOR CATHOLICS: A New Picture of Salvation History. We’ll run a drawing for three weeks to give away a copy of this book. Thanks AMP and Dr. Bergsma. You can find more about the work of, and listen to the podcast or get blog postings from 3 Catholic Dr’s. at this web address:  You can also look for more information at

Great show (if we may say that) — all due to our guests and their generous donations. Thanks also to Bob Rice for prior permission to play his wonderful music on Catholic Vitamins.

Deacon Tom



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