Catholic Vitamin X Xtra 17

Vitamin X is one of the ones we struggle with… I mean how many words can we use that start with… or how many meaningful words can we present which might be related to a ‘faith vitamin’? Hence – a best-of Catholic Vitamins – X17 and a return visit from an MD and Deacon Chris Penning from Bridge, Texas.

On this podcast episode, you’ll be able to hear the ‘TESTIMONY‘ of the originator of Catholic Vitamins, Deacon Tom. But more important — you’ll hear the powerful testimony of Deacon and Doctor Chris Penning from Bridge, Texas. He started to question and lose his faith as he went through medical school. God helped him find a priest who brought him back onto the path. And then Chris’ wife and son were injured in a terrible auto accident. Unable to heal them medically — Chris prayed over his son and he was healed overnight.

This show and this testimony from a wonderful and loving deacon and doctor only gets better. Please join us — and then share your testimony with us and with someone else in your faith walk.


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