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P-Neither-Do-I-Condemn-YouWe’re doing an ‘extra’ Catholic Vitamins podcast this week. It comes about because of a significant number of comments and feedback Deacon Tom received from his homily over the weekend. This past Sunday, the Gospel featured the parable of the woman caught in adultery. Tom’s homily contained in part, an emailed Ask the Deacon question that came in as Tom was working on his weekend preaching. The woman wanted to know if she was guilty of adultery. Tom’s homily spoke about how society is tearing apart any earlier generation understanding of purity and married sexuality. And the latter part of the sermon spoke to the issue of modesty in dress for women, and called for men to love women ‘the way Christ loves the Church.’

Now – in the same time that we were planning to put up this abbreviated podcast, we came into contact with Kate Daneluk of the online ministry called (www.) Making Music Praying Twice (.com) Kate Daneluk

Making Music Praying Twice provides a path by bringing children and parents together on the wings of music. Their program of music and movement designed to foster the Catholic faith and to enrich education and family life, pursues a profound goal:  While the gift of music education is invaluable, the gift of music combined with prayer is immeasurable.

In a secular world often devoid of faith and of family togetherness, Making Music Praying Twice provides a genuine faith-based experience that is rare, enriching, educational, transcendental and beautiful.

There is an absolutely neat, neat video on the  website. It shows the youngest of children… 9 months and slightly older — really ‘getting into’ spiritual and up-tempo music. It is a great promotional introduction to a quick understanding of the beauty of the work of Kate and her husband. Please – if you love music — if you want to inspire and educate your children about music, and faith matters woven into this music educaction – please go to Kate’s site and see if you’d like to sponsor their new program, as discussed on our show, and further explained on the website. And then see your pastor or DRE and invite them to learn more about how families can soon be MAKING MUSIC and PRAYING TWICE.

Blessings one and all.


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