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As we have said several times before — we do a fair amount of research to put our Catholic Vitamins podcast (and it’s themes or ‘vitamins’ ) together. We hope you find it interesting, varied and often challenging. Claudia Graham

During a recent period of research – I found a lady: Claudia Graham who is a distributor for Lighthouse Catholic Media – a not-for-profit corporation. LCM is involved in the ‘new evangelization’ by working with local parishes to put in inexpensive CD’s that help to share our faith through a wide variety of inspiring well-known speakers, clergy, authors and evangelists.

Okay — so what does LCM have to do with Claudia Graham being a guest on Catholic Vitamins? An idyllic early family and faith walk started veering when her dad suffered a serious and life-changing stroke. Claudia narrates a life and faith journey that had a fair amount of yawing – changes of course to get her to where she eventually sailed safely into the harbor of God’s grace and the Catholic Church.

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview we did with Claudia. You can also find her speaking on the Lighthouse Catholic Media website, and on Youtube and elsewhere. In fact – the youtube link given here shares a story of Claudia relating a ‘yawing’ in the life of a parishioner in one of Claudia’s client parishes. It’s a lovely story and it demonstrates the power of the Lighthouse Catholic Media materials.

There are two contact methods for reaching or helping Claudia and her evangelization through Lighthouse Catholic Media. Her direct email is:   

And, if you would like to purchase individual CD’s or a set-up for your parish, go to the following address with Claudia’s ‘code’ on your contact:  

Finally – Claudia was so kind to donate a number of LCM CD’s to Catholic Vitamins – and for the next three weeks, we’ll be running a free give-away of these to our listeners. Absolutely free. Just send un an email to

Thank you Claudia. We are so blessed to have gotten to know you and to be able to share the yawing that you’ve done on your way to the straight and narrow.

Thanks also to Marianna Bartholomew Marianna Bartholomew and Justin Stroh for their contributions to this show. Fergal was bogged down and not able to be with us this week. God willing – we’ll all be together next week for Catholic Vitamin Z…. five letters: Z _ _ _ Y   Got a clue? Sure you do.

Send us an email with your guess.


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