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YEAN. It’s pronounced ‘yen’ — and it means to give birth. From biblical times, it has referred to sheep or goats. ¬†Jesus is the Good Shepherd and he seeks to give us new life — a new birth of faith this Holy Week and into the brautiful season of Easter.¬†Deacon Fergal O'Neill

We’re particularly blessed to capture a bit of access to Deacon Fergal O’Neill — the always busy (some might say overwhelmed) deacon from Naas, Ireland. In honor of St. Patrick’s day just passed, brother Fergal shares a reflection on the spirituality of ‘threes’ demonstated by the life of St. Patrick in Ireland. Thank you Fergal. Bless you and Mary and the family. if you’d like to be in more contact with Deacon Fergal, you can find him many places on the web. Connect with him on Facebook.

We’re also blessed to share the music of singer, composer, musician AUDREY ASSAD on this week’s show. All the songs we sampled were from Audrey’s most recent album INHERITANCE — and we thank Audrey for appearing on Catholic Vitamins recently and for permission to play her music. Find Audrey at

Audrey Assad





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