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Sr. Miriam Promo Pic 1This S.O.L.T Sister is beautiful inside and out. Her name is Sr. Miriam James Heidland, and only in the best sense of bringing people into relationship with the Bridegroom of the soul, only in that sense would we bring Sr. Miriam on our podcast for Catholic Vitamin Y YENTA. Before being a nun, she was a full-ride scholarship volleyball player. And, full of herself, she became a woman given to many pleasures of the world. And while on this walk, she also became an addict.

We were so blessed to have this interview time with Sister, discussing those early days and then her turn to the joys of real relationship with a loving God, as practiced in the Catholic Faith. If this sounds interesting so far, you’ll love Sister Miriam’s new book: Loved As I Am Book CoverLOVED AS I AM: An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus. You can order the book through her publisher’s site,  Sister also shares from time to time on a blog found at 



We thank Kate Daneluk and family for letting us share a bit of their wonderful Advent and Christmas CD. You can order it and other products by going to

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